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FPDF - Corrugated conduit
The FPDF type of conduit, made of specially modified Polyamide 12, provides excellent self-extinguishing characteristics and achieves very high fatigue strength against continuous dynamic flexing movements. Especially suitable for continuously moving applications when highest fire precaution performances are required.

(F) => Fine profile F. (C) => Coarse profile C.












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C172016.121.13050 m
8800009821.00 ro227.00/ro ro 
C232522.028.54050 m
8800009831.00 ro381.80/ro ro 
C293228.334.75050 m
8800009841.00 ro493.40/ro ro 
C364036.842.35525 m
8800009851.00 ro320.10/ro ro 
C485047.054.46525 m
8800009861.00 ro445.80/ro ro 
C566856.367.210025 m
8800009871.00 ro805.10/ro ro 
C708067.279.613525 m
8800009881.00 ro940.40/ro ro 
C9510691.3106.015010 m
8800009891.00 ro521.20/ro ro 
C125146126.5146.532010 m
8800009801.00 ro986.90/ro ro 
C170193172.0193.044010 m
8800009811.00 ro1'342.20/ro ro 
F07106.210.01550 m
8800009901.00 ro110.20/ro ro 
F10129.612.82050 m
8800009911.00 ro115.90/ro ro 
F121612.015.72550 m
8800009921.00 ro136.20/ro ro 
F172016.621.13050 m
8800009931.00 ro227.00/ro ro 
F232522.628.43550 m
8800009941.00 ro381.80/ro ro 
F293229.034.54550 m
8800009951.00 ro493.40/ro ro 
F364036.542.46025 m
8800009961.00 ro320.10/ro ro 
F485047.554.47025 m
8800009971.00 ro445.80/ro ro 
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