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HPDS - Corrugated conduit
The HPDS conduit is made from specially modified Polyamide 12 and are designed with increased wall thickness for enhanced cable protection demands at heavy application environments. Highest strength also at low temperatures, very high dynamic fatigue strength as well as very good self-extinguishing characteristics allow these products to be used for most demanding applications.

(F) => Fine profile F. (C) => Coarse profile C.












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C172016.121.13550 m
8800014171.00 ro216.50/ro ro 
C232522.028.54050 m
8800011291.00 ro352.40/ro ro 
C293228.334.75050 m
8800011301.00 ro455.40/ro ro 
C364035.842.36025 m
8800011311.00 ro295.40/ro ro 
C485046.754.27025 m
8800011321.00 ro411.60/ro ro 
C566856.367.212025 m
8800011331.00 ro712.20/ro ro 
C708067.279.615025 m
8800011341.00 ro831.90/ro ro 
C9510691.3106.023010 m
8800011351.00 ro461.10/ro ro 
F07106.210.01550 m
8800011361.00 ro101.70/ro ro 
F10129.612.82050 m
8800014181.00 ro107.10/ro ro 
F121612.015.72550 m
8800011381.00 ro127.80/ro ro 
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