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AWPA-MMK - arc angle 90°, metric, short
The one-part 90° cable protection screw connection AWPA-MMK with metric metal short connection thread of specially modified, halogen-free polyamide 6 is self-extinguishing and resilient against most common chemical media. Thanks to the newly developed 360° interlocking system and inside-conduit seals, AWPA/AEPA-MMK complies with the highest protection class IP69 in combination with our FIPLOCK corrugated tubes.












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10M12 x 1.524. Stk.
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10M16 x 1.524. Stk.
8800005851.00 pac57.90/pac pac 
12M16 x 1.528. Stk.
8800005861.00 pac57.90/pac pac 
12M16 x 1.528. Stk.
8800005871.00 pac57.90/pac pac 
12M20 x 1.528.512.86.042.510 Stk.
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12M20 x 1.528.512.86.042.510 Stk.
8800005891.00 pac61.50/pac pac 
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