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Fitting strain relief, straight, metric, short
The one-piece cable protection conduit fitting AZPA-MMK with integrated cable gland for additional strain relief of wires and conductors, with a short metric metal thread, is made of specially modified, free-halogen polyamide 6. With the brand new 360° interlocking system and an inside conduit seal, AZPA-MMK complies with the highest possible protection class IP69 in combination with our FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits.












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NW103.5 - 7.0M12 x 1.554.024.717.721.610 Stk.
8800006701.00 pac117.00/pac pac 
NW104.5 - 10.0M16 x 1.558.324.722.026.010 Stk.
8800006711.00 pac149.30/pac pac 
NW124.5 - 10.0M16 x 1.560.328.522.027.010 Stk.
8800006721.00 pac149.30/pac pac 
NW127.0 - 12.5M20 x 1.564.028.526.230.410 Stk.
8800006731.00 pac147.70/pac pac 
NW177.0 - 13.0M20 x 1.573. Stk.
8800006741.00 pac147.70/pac pac 
NW179.0-17.0M25 x 1.575.134.031.836.710 Stk.
8800013591.00 pac180.90/pac pac 
NW239.0 - 17.0M25 x 1.575.141.731.836.76 Stk.
8800006761.00 pac108.50/pac pac 
NW2311.0 - 21.0M32 x 1.580.641.739.544.46 Stk.
8800006771.00 pac129.60/pac pac 
NW2911.0 - 21.0M32 x 1.580.948.439.544.86 Stk.
8800006781.00 pac129.60/pac pac 
NW2919.0 - 28.0M40 x 1.587.448.449.553.16 Stk.
8800006791.00 pac150.50/pac pac 
NW3619.0 - 28.0M40 x 1.5100.359.749.555.04 Stk.
8800006801.00 pac100.30/pac pac 
NW3627.0 - 35.0M50 x 1.5104.359.759.064.64 Stk.
8800006811.00 pac146.30/pac pac 
NW4827.0 - 35.0M50 x 1.5104.371.059.064.04 Stk.
8800006821.00 pac146.30/pac pac 
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