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Fitting strain relief, straight, PG, metal thread
The one-piece cable protection conduit fitting AZPA-PGM with integrated cable gland for additional strain relief of wires and conductors, with a PG metal thread made of brass nickel plated and is made of specially modified, free-halogen polyamide 6. With the brand new 360° interlocking system and an inside conduit seal, AZPA-PGM complies with the highest possible protection class IP69 in combination with our FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits.












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NW104.0 - 8.0PG 0954.924.719.022.910 Stk.
8800007451.00 pac117.00/pac pac 
NW104.0 - 10.0PG 1157.924.722.226.210 Stk.
8800007461.00 pac149.30/pac pac 
NW124.0 - 10.0PG 1159.928.522.226.610 Stk.
8800007471.00 pac149.30/pac pac 
NW125.0 - 12.0PG 13.560.428.524.528.610 Stk.
8800007481.00 pac140.60/pac pac 
NW178.0 - 14.0PG 1671.834.026.831.510 Stk.
8800007491.00 pac147.70/pac pac 
NW2311.0 - 18.0PG 2177.341.733.438.36 Stk.
8800007501.00 pac108.50/pac pac 
NW2916.0 - 25.0PG 2985.448.443.548.76 Stk.
8800007511.00 pac129.60/pac pac 
NW3619.0 - 32.0PG 36112.459.754.059.44 Stk.
8800007521.00 pac100.30/pac pac 
NW4834.0 - 44.0PG 48111.971.069.074.04 Stk.
8800007531.00 pac146.30/pac pac 
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