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Fitting female thread, straight, UNEF, plastic thread
The one-piece cable protection conduit fitting AFPA-U-B with an UNEF female thread for Souriau connector series UTG-6/UTO/UTS and ITT Cannon Trident, made of specially modified, free-halogen polyamide 6. With the brand new 360° interlocking system and an inside conduit seal, AFPA-U-B complies with the highest possible protection class IP69 in combination with our FIPLOCK corrugated conduits.












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NW1011/16" UNEF24.710.247.84.710 Stk.
8800002741.00 pac24.70/pac pac 
NW1211/16" UNEF28.512.346.34.710 Stk.
8800002781.00 pac25.90/pac pac 
NW1213/16" UNEF28.512.349.96.510 Stk.
8800002791.00 pac25.90/pac pac 
NW1215/16" UNEF28.512.352.16.510 Stk.
8800002831.00 pac25.90/pac pac 
NW1715/16" UNEF34. Stk.
8800002911.00 pac27.30/pac pac 
NW171-1/16" UNEF34. Stk.
8800002931.00 pac27.30/pac pac 
NW171-3/16" UNEF34. Stk.
8800002941.00 pac27.30/pac pac 
NW171-7/16" UNEF34. Stk.
8800002971.00 pac27.30/pac pac 
NW231-3/16" UNEF41.723.353.38.06 Stk.
8800003031.00 pac29.00/pac pac 
NW231-5/16" UNEF41.723.357.88.06 Stk.
8800003051.00 pac29.00/pac pac 
NW231-7/16" UNEF41.723.359.48.06 Stk.
8800003071.00 pac29.00/pac pac 
NW291-7/16" UNEF48.429.055.18.06 Stk.
8800003141.00 pac42.60/pac pac 
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